Bono: The Good News on Poverty (Yes, There’s Good News)

This TED talk given by Bono has at its heart what this blog is all about. The rock-star humanitarian gives this 14-minute talk about the progress our world has made in one of the largest tasks ever delegated to humanity–alleviating poverty. He agrees to skip the “rook opera, the bombast”–his “usual tricks”–in favor of something that speaks louder: facts.

“Something as powerful as information and the sharing of it can challenge inequality, because facts, like people, want to be free, and when they’re free, liberty is usually around the corner, even for the poorest of the poor; …facts that, if we hear them and heed them, could help us meet the challenge that Nelson Mandela made back in 2005, when he asked us to be that great generation that overcomes that most awful offense to humanity–extreme poverty.”

I love this talk mostly because through facts, Bono demonstrates what might otherwise be taken as a groundless, optimistic series of claims:

  • When it comes to reducing poverty, we have made an incredible amount of progress.
  • We are making a bigger impact now than ever before and that “humanity’s long, slow journey of equality is actually speeding up.”

and most importantly…

  • We truly have the potential to accomplish amazing things if we keep up the momentum.

Watch the video on and read the full transcript here.


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